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Non-Warranty clause

The information provided on this website has been carefully checked and is updated regularly. However, we cannot guarantee that all information provided is at all times complete, correct and up to date.
This particularly applies to all links to other websites, to which references are made directly or indirectly. All product names, product descriptions and logos on this website are registered trademarks and are the property of the respective copyright holder. This website was created and is maintained with the highest possible diligence. Nevertheless we cannot assume liability for our website.


Sometimes personal information can be required for services, in order to allow for the requested service or desired correspondence. This information (name, address, e-mail address etc.) is saved in order to handle your request. Answers to questions about personal data are voluntary! Personal data, that can be collected on this website in order to assist you, to send you information or to enhance our service, are treated as confidential according to the applicable data privacy laws. Even if you have asked for regular contact in the past, we respect your possible request to cancel this service at any time. If that is the case, please send us a short message! Please note that our website can contain links to websites of third parties. We are not responsible for the contents of these sites – and we are not responsible for how your personal data are handled on these sites.


Special legal situation regarding external links.
We do not assume liability for external links, especially links to other websites and their contents. As far as these websites and their contents violate the applicable law, we disclaim any liability/joint liability.